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The four product tiers created are to represent different levels of application severity. Specific product benefits and applications, including pictograms, are listed on each product label. The needs of customers vary greatly, thus we wanted to create a comprehensive product line that our customers could immediately access, and use to customize their own product offering. The tiers are identified as follows:


Excellent in low temperatures and corrosive environments while being environmentally friendly. Works for extreme cold, heavy duty equipment, steering linkages, kingbolt bearings, pin joints, U-joints, other articulated pivots, conveyor, fan bearings.


Designed for some of the harshest environments, our HD product tier can handle almost anything. From high temperatures to high loads, these products are the answer. All of them have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear characteristics and are ready to meet your toughest application head-on. Off-highway, heavy mobile equipment, steel mills, paper mills and even marine applications are just some of the recommended uses for the HD’s.


Here are the workhorses. These are the most common products ready to meet your needs. Automotive chassis and wheel bearing lubrication, bearings, ball joints, CV joints are just a sampling of what these products can support. This tier also includes an NSF H-1 approved food grade grease.


Created for multi-purpose, consumer-based applications, our LD product tier fits a wide market. Fans, lawnmowers, water pumps, compressors, chassis parts and many other general purpose/shop/industrial uses are recommended for this group of products.


Specialty greases are created for niche markets including extreme temperature, electric motor and assembly applications.