Kynetx offers a wide variety of lubricating greases to meet your needs. The four product tiers created are to represent different levels of application severity. Specific product benefits and applications, including pictograms, are listed on each product label. The needs of customers vary greatly, thus we wanted to create a comprehensive product line that our customers could immediately access, and use to customize their own product offering.

2018 Kynetx Multi-Purpose Greases and Specialty Products Brochure
2018 Kynetx Grease Product Application Chart


Kynetx offers a line of additives that are meant to meet your specific needs. Every customer uses products differently and the Kynetx additives are meant to provide the product flexibility to meet the daily demands of industrial applications.


Our line of Kynetx cleaners provides a wide variety of products for your industrial needs. Whether you need to clean your shop floors or your most intricate components, we have a product for you. Our Kynetx cleaner products include biodegradable, aluminum safe, heavy duty for your toughest applications, organic solvents, as well as fuel injection nozzle cleaner.


The Kynetx line of corrosion inhibitors offers multiple application options for corrosion inhibitors. The line includes a general purpose corrosion inhibitor for general indoor storage needs as well as a vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor for corrosion inhibition in closed systems, including any fuel tank applications.


Kynetx offers several specialty lubricants meant to aid in assembly/re-assembly as well as in-service lubrication of parts and components. Additionally, the line includes a fuel injector pop-test lubricant meant for bench testing of fuel injectors. These products are great options for heavy duty repair/remanufacture shops.


Our line of Kynetx fastener products includes solid lubricant thread anti-seizes as well as multiple thread lockers. The line includes a heavy duty, high temperature, and extreme pressure anti-seize product as well as a general purpose anti-seize product. The line also includes a medium and a high strength anaerobic thread locker.


The Kynetx line offers sealants and gasket material for use in joint sealing. Additionally, the Kynetx line offers a contact cement well-suited for joining like and unlike materials.


Kynetx offers several options for your A/C system needs. As part of the offering, Kynetx offers the A/C Flushing Solvent, which is compatible with old mineral oil systems as well as new lubricant technologies. Additionally, the Kynetx line offers two polyalkylene glycol (PAG) refrigerants for use in R134a A/C systems.