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Police, Fire and Safety

On Wednesday, January 21, 2015…the Rockton Production Center opened its doors to the local police and fire departments. A presentation was given to all by Tom Rajewski, Jim Mulligan and Bob Shockley followed by a guided plant tour. Over the last six months, several safety upgrades have taken place at the facility. Including the following installations/implementations: an alarm system, Knox boxes, FM Global audit, Lubrizol Mechanical Integrity Testing, Sprinkler, Radios, Sprinkler System, Fire Doors, SPCC and a Delta V System. Phase I will eliminate safety concerns, operators inching out tanks from the on top, potential of overflow of 50K tanks, overheating raw materials due to uncontrolled ball valves, purchasing can have a visual of all bulk raw materials at any time and historic and stored data can be reviewed. The presentation ended with excitement from the audience when an announcement that a Foam Truck that will be procured for both the plant and the community.


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