Introducing PCM


What is PCM?

PCM-for-Chemtool-picPCM is an acronym for Lubrizol’s Performance and Career Management that we will follow this upcoming year. The process is a formal opportunity for employees and their managers to have an annual summary discussion of their ongoing conversations from throughout the year as well as to set the stage for expectations in the upcoming year. Remember, employees and managers should be having continuing performance discussion throughout the year to create a global-consistent coaching culture.

Why PCM?

The Performance & Career Management (PCM) form will assist in four objectives for your professional development:
• Align your individual goals with that of Chemtool’s organizational goals;
• Build accountability for you to achieve those annual goals in addition to your normal daily duties;
• Creates joint ownership of your performance, development, and career between you and your supervisor;
• Promote a dialogue between you and your supervisor regarding your progress.

Our goal in using the PCM is to create a stronger Chemtool of “one-company”, improving talent here at Chemtool, and improving the linkage between performance and rewards.

Next Steps:

The Human Resources team will be scheduling training in early January to explain the process, dates, and the form allowing the employees to jointly own their performance and career here at Chemtool. Watch for the announcements on the PCM process.


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