Those of you in the Rockton facilities have seen a lot of Chemtool Cares activity over the past few months. Although most of the committee’s focus has been in the Rockton area, Crystal Lake has participated in a couple events as well, and the committee is planning on expanding to other facilities in the future. The goal of Chemtool Cares is to provide community outreach while engaging the employees in activities that promote goodwill in the area.



A Food Pantry Drive ended on October 15 and we have received a HUGE thank you from the Rockton Pantry for our donations. Thank you to everyone that contributed – their generosity goes a long way to helping people in this community.


This Halloween themed campaign ended on October 31, which Chuck Kleeburger donning a beautiful hot dog suit all day on October 31, Halloween. The funds that were raised (over $500) will be donated to Wimpy’s Fund to brighten the holiday season for families that are struggling in the area. The monies are used to buy food
for the families and gifts for children.december-new-pic-2


On October 23, a group of chemists (Matt Abbott, Chad Keepper and Sean Booth) exhibited at Rock Valley College’s Mole Day celebration. They talked with students interested in the sciences about potential careers in chemistry – R & D, Quality, Regulatory, and Sales for example. (Mole is a unit of measure in chemistry that has 10 to the 23rd power, or 1023, in its equation and a lot of colleges with chemistry departments “celebrate” October 23 as Mole Day.)


december-new-pic-3The Veterans Drop-In Center is run wholly on donations and assists men and women who have served our country as they try to ease back into civilian life. Chemtool Cares sponsored their 5K Walk/Run on November 8 and we had a terrific response with a team of 25 employees participating. This is a great cause and the committee thanks everyone for getting signed up to participate and support the Center.


On December 3, two names at Rockton CTC and four at Rockton North were drawn for “privileged parking” during the cold month of December. All of the money raised is used to help purchase gloves and hats for Illinois Growth Industries, a local organization that hires people with mental and physical handicaps to do contract work for local business. These adults are usually struggling with low incomes and we are happy to help them stay warm as they travel to and from work in the cold months. As a reminder, we will be raffling spaces for January and February and will determine which charity will receive those funds.

A big thank you from the committee to everyone that helps us execute these activities in the community. It makes a BIG difference to a lot of people. If you have suggestions for Chemtool Cares activities, please email the committee at
Keep in mind that any projects must fall into our guidelines – they must support one of the three determined areas of Education, the Military or the Needy.


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